Industry Spotlight


Emergency vehicle manufacturers know they can call on DMR for wiring harnesses, monitoring, and control systems. When quality and reliability are a must, trust DMR Electronics.

Industry Spotlight


If moving people is your job, you need DMR. DMR designs and manufactures OEM or replacement wiring harnesses for your manufacturing or half-life rebuild project. Bus builders, service managers, and transit system operators count on DMR!

Industry Spotlight

Heavy Duty

Today’s trucks depend on high-tech electronic controllers to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. Truck builders, fleet managers, and independent truckers depend upon DMR’s remanufactured controllers and replacement wiring harnesses to keep them on the road.

Industry Spotlight


Hard-working vehicles need DMR to keep them on the go. Located in the heart of iron mining territory, DMR knows what it takes to haul the load. Call us for control systems, relay boxes, wiring harnesses and other specialty items.

Industry Spotlight

Light Rail

Stay on track with DMR. DMR services high power inverters (DC to 3-Ø), propulsion logic systems, and other components integral to the operation of the light rail vehicle.

Introducing DMR

DMR: Designs, Manufactures and Remanufactures industrial electronic components and wiring harnesses for trucks, buses, trains, heavy equipment, and more. DMR also manufactures printed circuit board assemblies, electro-mechanical devices and control panels.  

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Our Services


The engineers at DMR are experts at reverse-engineering and redesigning obsolete equipment to today’s standards. Our team works closely with customers to ensure that all products are designed for testability, manufacturability, and durability.

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DMR manufactures custom wiring harnesses, circuit board assemblies, UL-certifiable control panels, test systems, and relay boxes from your design or ours.

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Our trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to troubleshoot components and pinpoint problems in our repair programs, no matter the size, from end users to OEMs.

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